Elixir Cruise

Elixir Cruise

Sail the Greek seas of ancient mythological creatures and Gods, while you re-invent yourself. Visit pristine
coves and beaches only accessible by small boat, discover one of the oldest civilisations in the world,
learn a new craft, have a massage, meditate at sunset, enjoy a glass of chilled wine, hike a volcano, fish
with locals, snorkel, stargaze, read a book. You decide. Greece awaits to soothe your soul and excite your
senses aboard the Elysium.
Never before has there been a truly boutique cruise ship completely dedicated to a synergy of wellbeing
and deeply experiential voyages and your time on board the Elysium will be nothing short of spectacularly
unique, nothing like you have ever experienced before on a cruise.
A fusion of relaxation, wellness, learning, discovering and fun.
With only 25 cocooning staterooms, a spa, a gym, a deliciously healthy Mediterranean cuisine, an array
of unparalleled cultural experiences and carefully designed wellness activities, the Elysium will pamper
you, spoil you and transform you forever.

Based on our Elixir Balance© concept, every ELYSIUM cruise offers many activities options to
mix and match and create a tailor-made journey. In addition to the various cultural and
experiential activities, throughout the cruise, guests have the opportunity to do yoga, pilates and
meditation sessions, enjoy a massage at our spa or choose among a selection of water toys and
water sports options.
Our onboard Wellness Coach and our Cruise Concierge will help you put together the best
suited plan for you. Exquisite farm-to-table meals, refreshing drinks, cocktails and fine wines
will complement the unique boutique cruise experience.

Elixir Cruise

The Divine Cyclades

The Cyclades are about breathtaking light. And true blue. Myth has it that the Cyclades were born out of Poseidon’s rage. Once nymphs, they infuriated the God of the Seas, who transformed them into islands. But not just any islands. Perhaps the most beautiful islands in the world.

2500 - 3950 €
per person in sharing twin
Zakynthos Navagio

Ancient Paths

Steeped in awe-inspiring ancient civilization, filled with history, wisdom, myths and passions, the route around the Peloponnese, Ithaca and beyond is a captivating journey.

This is the stuff of legends, an experience that will stay with you forever.

2500 - 3950 €
per person in sharing twin